Movement for Good £5,000 Special Draw!


Great news! Starting Monday 17th June, you can nominate a youth orientated charity for the Movement for Good prize draws. This is an excellent opportunity to help the organisations that are important to you by submitting your nominations for their prize drawings. 

There are monthly smaller £1,000 drawings and larger £5,000 draws that are held less regularly but with a special theme. The theme for the £5,000 draw this year is: Children & Young People. Let us all take a moment to recommend a charity that positively impacts the lives of young people. 

How to nominate: 

  1. Visit the nomination page 
  1. Fill out the nomination form with the charity’s details 
  1. Spread the word and encourage others to nominate too 

Your participation can make a massive impact! Let us come together and support the amazing work of youth-focused charities. 

Thank you for your involvement! 

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