Throughout the pandemic we’ve been working with an Oldham company ‘Ultimate Products’ who have done some amazing work in supporting us to provide household products for families in need. 

As they’ve learnt about our work the situation that our young carers are in really touched them, and they discussed how they could help make a difference.  As a result,  they are now purchasing tablets to give as gifts to eligible Oldham Young Carers, to help them stay connected with school, family and friends.  We have identified the young people who will benefit and are in the process of delivering the first twenty this week.

The young people who have received them so far are absolutely delighted.  We’ll be collecting feedback next week, and if it is making a difference to the young people’s lives, Ultimate Products have agreed to get us up to eighty more! 

Andrew Gossage, Managing Director at Ultimate Products - “Whilst coronavirus has a huge impact upon the lives of everyone, the feelings of isolation and loneliness are felt even more so by these young carers, who would usually rely upon school and community groups to socialise with friends. COVID-19 has put a stop to that, and we wanted to make sure that those within our community who are working incredibly hard and doing extraordinary things at such young ages, are supported and don't feel on their own. These tablets will hopefully provide a way for them to easily interact with caseworkers, school and of course their friends to have some fun!

About Oldham Young Carers - https://www.positive-steps.org.uk/services-for-children-and-young-people/oldham-young-carers

UP donation tablets