Positive Steps client becomes Young Advocate

 We are really proud to announce that one of our previous clients has become a Young Advocate for ‘Leaders Unlocked’. Find out more about the great work they do at http://leaders-unlocked.org/

We asked him to tell us a bit more...

“I'm looking forward to voicing my opinion on what can be improved for young people in the Youth Justice System. I’ve also signed up to be a volunteer at Positive Steps so I can gain experience from working face to face with young people that I feel I can help."

We couldn’t be prouder of him for deciding to use his experience and knowledge in this way to help other young people in the same situation.

With the help of the Moving Up Fund provided by Ultimate Products in Oldham (www.upgs.com), we were also able to give him a tablet so that he can attend video meetings as part of his role, and also help with his college work.