Young People support Street Angels!

Young people at Oldham Youth Justice Service have been busy decorating, and preparing goody bags to donate to Oldham Street Angels. this is the second batch of bags that have been donated due to the success we had before Christmas with our Christmas goody gift bags.

 These bags are handed out to homeless people in Oldham by the charity. The young people really embraced this activity as part of their giving back, one young person said he ‘didn’t realise that some people had nothing, and he was happy to be involved in giving them something’. Lots of others found decorating the bags therapeutic.

Massive shout out to Ultimate products for funding this project – it has enable young people to develop new skills, as well as really giving back to the community.

Demi (left), handing the bags over to Street Angels Co-Ordinator Donna (right) who will distribute them.


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