National Apprenticeship Week - Callum's Story

18 year old Callum attended a local Sixth Form College where he completed a Level 3 Diploma in Music Production with three Distinction* grades. On completion of his Post 16 studies, Callum and Mum contacted the service to request help and support, he was unsure about which route to take next, i.e., higher education or employment, so Callum started work with his Career Advisers at Positive Steps Tameside. 

The pros and cons of each of each pathway were explored and after much consideration Callum decided against applying to higher education. He instead preferred to enter the world of work.

Initial applications for a few jobs/apprenticeships produced mixed results with Callum feeling a little nervous with both face to face and remote interview situations. Callum was reassured that there was nothing unusual in his responses (especially given the pandemic and associated restrictions) and that support could be put in place to help him to develop his skills and confidence in relation to interview techniques and general job search related activities.

Callum initially opened an account with the National Apprenticeship Service and was advised of the value of exploring and applying for vacancies via a wider and broader range of job/provider websites in order to maximise chances of success. He was given relevant information and advised to check individual job and person specifications and signposted to various websites. Callum was also advised of the potential benefits of accessing and trying the Buzz Quiz and the skills assessment via the National Careers Service website in order to identify and highlight personal skills, talents, and strengths along with career/job ideas which he might wish to explore further.

Callum and his family adopted a very proactive approach throughout his journey and they actively engaged with the construction of a new and more concise CV which could be readily tailored to individual job vacancies. Both he and his mum were also receptive to the possibility of arranging some additional support with developing job search strategies and interview techniques. This was agreed and subsequently delivered during a home visit by an experienced mentor, and in preparation for an imminent interview for a position in the IT department at a local school.

Callum was successful at interview and offered the position at a local Secondary School in Tameside.


Callum National Apprentice Week

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