School Leavers Survival Guide 2022


 Right now your focus will be on your exams, and rightly so! Getting the best grades that you can is really important. However, once those exams are over, it’s time to check in and make sure everything you need is in place ready for you to make that exciting step on from school.


No Idea what to do ?

  • Don’t worry, we’re here to help. There’s so much out there sometimes it’s hard to know the right pathway for you. We can help you look into all your options and help you to get a plan in place. Just get in touch with Positive Steps.
  • We may also contact you throughout summer just to check where you’re up to and to offer our support.


Hoping to find an apprenticeship ?

 Get in touch with Positive Steps as we’re able to offer you support throughout the summer and beyond. Our experienced Career Advisers can give advice on where to look, how to apply and how to stand the best chance of success.

  • They can also help you explore Pre Apprenticeship training programmes or other programmes that can give you more support to progress into an apprenticeship.
  • You should also keep in touch with local training providers to see what they have available. If you haven’t made any applications already check our provision page for details or ask your Careers Adviser for information.


Already have a place at a college ?

Fantastic, well done! Your next steps are :

  • Attend your new student taster day – your college should have already been in touch with details. If you’re still not sure which college is your favourite go to as many taster days as you can to help you to make that final choice.
  • Many colleges have support to help you to prepare for your course on their website. This might be videos to watch, tasks to do or just general information on how to get ready. Check your college website for details.
  • Apply for the college bursary if you’re eligible. If you’re not sure, check your college website or contact their student service team to see what financial support you can apply for.
  • You’ll also need to set up a bank account if your college will pay the allowance in cash. You’ll usually need ID to do this, although sometimes this is easier if your parents already have an account at that bank.
  • You’ll be invited in for enrolment around the same time you receive your GCSE results. You will usually receive an email or letter in August so make sure you look out for this. You might also need to log on to your college application portal for details.
  • But what if I don’t get the grades? First of all, don’t panic. Your Careers Adviser will be in school on results day and can offer some support. It’s always best to still go along to your enrolment session anyway as the college might be able to offer you an alternative course. If they can’t, get in touch with Positive Steps who can help you look at alternatives and help you to secure a place.


What if I have an offer but changed my mind ?

  • There’s still time to look at alternatives and put plans in place. Get in touch with Positive Steps as soon as you can. You could contact your school Careers Adviser or get in touch with your local office – details can be found here.


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