BLUNT - Knife Crime Prevention

The Youth Justice Service at Positive Steps received funding from the Home Office last Autumn to deliver targeted knife 

crime awareness work with young people across the borough, who were highlighted by partner agencies as being known to, or at risk of, carrying knives.

 The “Blunt” Programme was developed to highlight the dangers and impact of carrying knives, teach emergency life saving skills and provide the opportunity to engage in positive activities, in conjunction with Manchester Street Doctors and MAHDLO.

To date, 18 young people have signed up to the programme and have become “Anti- Knife Crime Champions” by completing posters and music lyrics to be shared across Oldham, with some gaining an AQA accreditation in Implications of Knife-Related Incidents

Given the success of the programme, we are keen to pursue further opportunities to enable Blunt to continue post April 2019 - watch this space…

(BLUNT is a youth focused programme co-delivered by Positive Steps and MAHDLO)