Positive Steps client becomes Young Advocate

 We are really proud to announce that one of our previous clients has become a Young Advocate for ‘Leaders Unlocked’. Find out more about the great work they do at http://leaders-unlocked.org/

We asked him to tell us a bit more...

“I'm looking forward to voicing my opinion on what can be improved for young people in the Youth Justice System. I’ve also signed up to be a volunteer at Positive Steps so I can gain experience from working face to face with young people that I feel I can help."

We couldn’t be prouder of him for deciding to use his experience and knowledge in this way to help other young people in the same situation.

With the help of the Moving Up Fund provided by Ultimate Products in Oldham (www.upgs.com), we were also able to give him a tablet so that he can attend video meetings as part of his role, and also help with his college work.

World Suicide Prevention Day

For World Suicide Prevention Day we asked our Early Help Teams to explain how they are always there for people...

“Working with people who may be feeling suicidal is an all too common theme in our casework in Early help. Our Engagement Workers are experts in engaging with people and understanding the root causes of presenting problems. They are skilled in supporting with a wide range of issues which commonly cause distress to people and can, in some circumstances, be the root cause of suicidal behaviour.

Our staff work closely with colleagues in Oldham’s mental health services to ensure services are at the right level and to support clients to navigate the system. They help clients tackle the practical issues that may be contributing to their feelings of helplessness for example unemployment, relationship issues, debt and finance worries, housing issues, social isolation and loneliness, drawing on strong partnerships with other agencies to ensure a joined-up approach. Our engagement workers also support the families and loved ones of the person in crisis - ensuring they are involved in safety planning for example, so they can take action and not feel helpless whilst benefitting from emotional support themselves.

Since Spring 2019 we have been partners in the delivery of the Safe Haven at Royal Oldham Hospital along with TOGMIND and Pennine NHS trust. We have a team of six engagement workers who work shifts in the Safe Haven, supporting people who have presented at A&E as suicidal. Each person is offered an appointment and quite often these appointments lead to Early Help casework to address the issue causing the distress. Over two hundred men and women with ages ranging from late teens to mid-60s have been referred to us via the Safe Haven, over half of them have been escalated to Early Help.

Our teams are well supported with this work which can be time consuming and emotionally draining. We have resources to draw on to help us work with people who are suicidal, specific training has been taken up across the staff team, there is peer support and regular supervision, and excellent relationships with our colleagues in local mental health services. As one of our team says:

“Suicide is a permanent response to a temporary problem. Talking through the problem WILL help and lessen the pain you are experiencing, you can get through this.”

Oldham Class of 2020 - Progression Survey Results

Oldham Class of 2020! Thanks so much for taking the time to complete our survey, we have loved hearing from you!

You can see the results of the survey here. We had almost 500 responses which is fantastic and you gave us lots of invaluable feedback.

We have taken your responses, comments and suggestions and used them to create this Good Practice Guide, which all local college, sixth forms and training providers have had access to. This has informed their enrolment processes and will hopefully mean that you will now move smoothly into your Post 16 destination.

Please do check out education provider websites which include lots of information, support and videos to help you and answer your questions. Don’t forget that you can contact us for support and guidance, your school Career Adviser would love to hear from you – or you can call our helpline on 0161 621 9300 or e-mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

COVID19 - Greater Manchester young people's survey

We are supporting the COVID19 - Greater Manchester young people's survey, which has been developed by young people’s substance misuse workers to help them better understand and respond to the needs of young people who access their services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

We want to better understand how lockdown is affecting access to drugs and alcohol, and what young people’s support needs are. Young people’s participation in this survey, and the answers they give, will help us to understand the issues, and will help us to improve the support offered. We will not collect any personal information (such as name, address or telephone number); we simply want to know how things are changing and how services might be developed or improved to better meet young people’s needs at this time.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 30th June. You can access the survey here:


You can access our Integrated Health services here: