Employer Related Learning Activities

We deliver a range of bespoke employer related learning activities and can call upon an extensive contact list of employers who support the following in school or employer-based activities including:

Employer Speed Networking Events

An Employer Speed Dating Event is an opportunity for groups of students to understand more about careers and job roles within your sector and provide students with a platform to ask you questions to find out more about jobs, careers and personal qualities that employers look for. Positive Steps will support the local school / college in the organisation and delivery of this event, including employer engagement and evaluation

Mock interviews

Positive Steps can invite industry professionals into your school / college to hold practice interviews which are an emulation of a job interview used for training purposes. We will support your school / college in preparing applications for students to complete and employers will feedback on students’ performance at the end of the activity to provide a real insight into student “softer skill” development.

Employer Sector Visits

A sector visit is an opportunity for students to understand more about careers and job roles within a chosen sector and to experience the work place environment. We can support groups of up to 15 students over a course of a morning or afternoon during term time

Aspirational Visits

Many young people are unsure or unaware of the career pathways or progression options available, which can often reduce their aspiration level and lead them to settling for less or choosing the wrong option, only to regret this at a later date. The visit can include talks from industry professionals and cover education, employment and training opportunities, including visits to FE and HE institutions, local training providers and employers. The visits will raise aspirations and help participants to explore opportunities they may not have previously considered or believed were achievable. Students can be involved in planning the visits, including plotting travel routes to help develop their understanding of travel-to-work patterns and budgeting. The activity cost includes all travel and lunch.

Motivational Talks

Positive Steps can support schools / colleges in providing inspirational speakers to enthuse, motivate and raise aspirations amongst today’s students.

Primary Employer Encounters

Employer Networking events, Sector and Aspirational visits and Careers related events can be developed according to the year group. We have also developed #PositivePrimary sessions which includes group activities around subjects such as “automation in the workplace, Digital Detox, Chimp Paradox and Planning for Success

Virtual Employer Encounters

Positive Steps are currently developing a range of virtual employer encounters which include; V Talks given by industry experts to give students an industry insight into their chosen sector and Virtual Sector Visits to give students a visual experience of what to expect from within the workplace.

We have also supported our partners the Careers Enterprise Company since 2018 in the delivery and scaling up of employer encounters across Greater Manchester

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