Free Education for 2 year olds

Free education/childcare for two year olds

15 hours of free childcare or early education is available to families with child of two years old. The free entitlement can be taken at any Ofsted registered provider such a local nursery, pre-school, playgroup or childminder that is eligible to receive funding and is signed up to Oldham Council’s directory of approved providers.

It entitles you to receive the 15 hours over 38 weeks (A total of 570 hours per year), or you can ‘stretch’ the hours over more weeks, using fewer hours per week. This can be discussed with your chosen childcare provider.

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Parents can choose to send their children to a variety of settings including

  • School Nurseries

  • Day Nurseries

  • Playgroups

  • Approved Childminders

How do Parents/ Carers Check Eligibility/ Register?

Eligibility is confirmed by completing an online eligibility check in the term that the child turns two.

The online check can be found here.

We are here to help families every step of the way to ensure their child receives their free child care entitlement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or if you need further information or support.