The Quality in Careers Standard

The Quality in Careers Standard

The Quality in Careers Standard is the single national quality award for CEIAG and enables schools to celebrate excellent practice in CEIAG, as well as providing a framework around which you might identify gaps and develop your CEIAG programme. As a Licensed Awarding Body of the Standard, Positive Steps delivers the award using the Inspiring IAG (IIAG) approach, which is in three stages culminating in an external assessment of your careers programme.

The award is ‘strongly recommended’ to schools and colleges by the Department for Education, and the Careers and Enterprise Company’s 2023 analysis shows that schools holding the award achieved more benchmarks in 21/22, on average, than those without the award. The award complies with statutory guidance & is fully mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks – it goes a step beyond the COMPASS process by scrutinising the quality and impact of your careers provision.

So, how can the Quality in Careers Standard award process support you?

  • Demonstrates the excellent, existing CEIAG work going on in your school/college

  • Offers an excellent development tool to help further improve your CEIAG offer

  • Offers one-to-one mentoring at each stage by experienced and qualified Careers Practitioners to support you through the award

  • Offers a virtual assessment model designed to offer efficiency and lower our carbon footprint

  • Provides excellent evidence of good practice for OFSTED purposes

  • IIAG Intro session to mark the start of your award journey offering the opportunity to network with other schools starting the award

Whether you are a Careers Leader new to the role, or you are quite far along in your school’s CEIAG journey, the Quality in Careers Standard offers an opportunity to highlight your strengths and to work on developing your CEIAG programme to ensure it is aspirational and impactful. Contact us today to get started on your award journey!

The Inspiring IAG Primary Careers Award

The Inspiring IAG Primary Careers Award is an opportunity for primary schools to recognise and celebrate excellence in careers education and support. The award has been designed to provide a good practice framework and recognition of high-quality career related learning for primary schools and to recognise good practice at the key transition stage from KS2 to KS3.

Careers related learning starts at an early age, and with the help of our Inspiring IAG Primary Mentors, primary schools can ensure that they are offering a career related learning programme that will help prepare their learners for a positive, fulfilling future.

We are delighted that our Inspiring IAG Primary Careers Award has been nationally endorsed by the Quality in Careers Consortium, and look forward to supporting primary schools through the award.

We deliver both career awards – the Quality in Careers Standard and the Inspiring IAG Primary Careers Award – nationally. If you would like more information about the Quality in Careers Standard using the IIAG approach, or about the Inspiring IAG Primary Careers Award, please complete the box below and a member of the Inspiring IAG Team will get back to you as soon as possible.