Angela Rayner visits Positive Steps

Positive Steps

 As you may be aware we had the opportunity to host the Deputy Leader of Labour and Tameside MP, Angela Rayner on Friday the 13th. The visit was so she can find out more information about the work we are doing as an organisation to impact the lives of young people in her borough, Tameside and across Oldham and Rochdale. The visit ended up being longer than expected as initially we had been briefed – she would only be with us for 20 minutes.

Angela said to the press: “It was fantastic to see the great work being done at Positive Steps and meet young people who are really benefitting from the support on offer.

“The traditional education path is not for everyone, and some young people can become disengaged if they are not offered the appropriate support.

After the visit she also tweeted: “Thank you for having me! It was fantastic to see the help and support on offer for young people from across my constituency. Keep up the good work”Pleased to also say she is now one of our followers on Twitter so she will be able to keep up with the work we are doing!

Gratitude to Angela Rayner and her team and everyone that took part from Positive Steps to help us showcase our work as an organisation.

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