Investors in People Award


Amazing news! After passing the Investors in People assessment, our organisation was awarded the ‘We Invest in People Award’ from Investors In People. The purpose of this award is to help organisations, such as ourselves, become a better and more productive workplace for staff.  This recognition was brilliant for us, and we are proud of the work we do and the culture we have created.

CEO Paul Axon, with our Service Support staff, holding the ‘We Invest in People’ Award

During the Investors in People assessment, we received feedback from staff through a survey where staff answered questions on what the organisation does well, and what areas need improvement. We passed this with a remarkable 743 out of 900, which is higher than the average score required.

Our main takes from the assessment were :

  • Our staff love making a difference to people’s live and get a real ‘buzz’ from that

  • Our staff say they really enjoy working for the organisation

  • Our staff value the extent of support and help they readily receive to be able to undertake their roles effectively and also the extent to which their wellbeing is considered and judged to be of importance

  • Our staff are empowered and trusted to make many decisions themselves and to use their initiative

  • Our managers being flexible with working practices to enable staff to manage some aspects of their personal lives without hindering their professional contributions is recognised by staff

We are excited about our future and the difference we will carry on making to the communities we serve as an organisation💜

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