Positive Steps Showcase Event


We will be hosting Partners, Professionals and members of our community for the first ever Positive Steps Showcase Event, where we will be highlighting the range of services we offer to the community and showcasing the impact of the work we are doing as an organisation overall. If all staff can invite relevant professionals and partners within networking circles to join us for this event. 

The event will be held on Wednesday 29th of November from 3PM -6PM

We will need to confirm numbers on the day so it is crucial that those attending register using this Eventbrite Link 

At the Event , visitors will have the opportunity to:

  • Witness firsthand the impact of our Diverse range of services 
  • Learn about our diverse range of Services and everything we offer at Positive Steps 
  • Interact with our dedicated staff and volunteers to understand how we’re making a difference
  • Discover how their involvement can contribute to our mission.
  • Enjoy refreshments and engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded community members.

Please register if this is of interest – we are truly looking forward to meeting you and showing you what our organisation has to offer.

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