Celebrating Success

Positive Steps was involved in Mission Christmas again recently. (Find out more about how it works here )

Audrey Murphy tells us more about how the Positive Steps team collected and distributed the donated toys...


When we arrived at Mission Christmas Headquarters to collect our toys, both myself and my colleagues were completely overwhelmed by the volunteers there. We were greeted with smiling friendly faces - by people who truly embraced everything about this incredible project. Nothing was too much trouble and everyone was hands on, pitching in, and you could feel the comradery.

When we arrived back at Positive Steps we placed the toys in an empty room and arranged time slots so that our Engagement Workers and Young Carers parents could come in and safely pick up their toys for their families and children in need.

Everyone was taken aback at the generosity of those who donated and we were able to ensure that every single child in need received a brand new toy for Christmas, Mission Christmas really does make a difference, not only to the children, but it also alleviates the stress and worry that every parent feels when they are struggling to provide presents for their children at Christmas.

Everyone’s hard work and generosity was certainly appreciated and made a massive difference to vulnerable children in Oldham.


The team asked staff to let them have any feedback they received and here is some of the many quotes received:


"My client, a mum of three children, had been furloughed for most of the year and hadn’t any spare money for Christmas presents she cried and couldn’t thank Mission Christmas enough as it would make a bad Christmas day into a good one."

“Thank you so much, its helped in so many ways, I can’t thank you (Mission Christmas) enough.”

“What a lovely thing for you to do for us, thank you so much. I had no idea we would get any help.”

“Wow, I can’t believe it, it is amazing, How lovely I can’t believe Positive Steps and Mission Christmas do this for families.”

“Thank you, this is lovely. I think this is something my son will really love.”

“I have just recently come to UK with my 3 children and am an asylum seeker, it has been really hard for me as I don’t have a bank card and I was not able to buy anything online, these presents were a godsend, god bless you.”

"One of my clients, a single mum to two young children, couldn’t thank us and Mission Christmas enough as she didn’t really have much for them to open Christmas day and she had spent weeks worrying about it - and having some presents means she could look forward to seeing their faces on Christmas day."

"A single mum of a three-year-old said she was so grateful because she didn’t have any money to buy her son any presents and to be able to wrap them up herself meant the world to her."

"A single mum of an 8-year-old was so overwhelmed as she had lost her job not that long before Christmas and couldn’t thank us enough, she said this would now put a smile on her son's face."

"A mum of a 9 year old said that this was an amazing gift and service - especially as the presents we gave her were build from scratch/robotic ones which is what he is really in to, and to see his face on Christmas day light up when he opens them meant the world to her."

"One family said thank you so much as not having much to be able to give to their children meant they could now have a better Christmas day."

"Thank you for the presents the boys love them thank you."

"Thanks for the presents the kids loved them!"

""Thank you so much you are too kind!"

“My Eid was cancelled this year and my mum said I will get something better and to be patient, I’m so happy as I got a remote control car and I’ve always wanted one, thank you so much”

“This year I found it so hard and felt really low that I would not be able to get anything nice for my children, I feel my prayers were answered as I wasn’t expecting any presents and the gifts were such nice presents and were very much appreciated.”

“My children actually think Santa Claus exists as I have been preparing them that they won’t be getting any gifts due to my concerns with having no money, going out in the Christmas rush, and with COVID-19. It was so lovely to see their faces when they opened their presents, thank you Mission Christmas, your mission has been accomplished.”

“My son has autism and he is fascinated with cars, the remote control car was a perfect present for him and he carries car everywhere with him and even insists on taking it to bed!”

“Can’t thank you enough for the lovely gift that came at a time when it was needed the most, who said kindness doesn’t exist.”

“We were overjoyed with our lovely presents, thank you Mission Christmas.”

“Such lovely gifts and so surprised as they were brand new and boxed, my kids loved the presents.”

“Was so nice as all four of my children got presents and no one got left out, thank you for your generosity.”

“What an amazing organisation thank you to both of you Mission Christmas and Positive Steps.’’

“My Christmas tree was bare before your presents arrived, thank you so much.”


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Northern Roots Bike Hub & Trails Consultation

 Northern Roots is creating the UK’s largest urban farm and eco park on 160-acres of urban greenspace, five minutes from Oldham town centre. They are proposing to create a state of the art Bike Hub & Trails facility as part of the leisure and tourism activities. They have launched a consultation, running till 18th December 2020 is essential to provide evidence to support a specific funding application – Sport England’s “Places to Ride” programme and to shape the design of the facilities.


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